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  • How much are your shoots?
    Shoots vary in pricing and can be viewed on the "Pricing & Book Here Page"
  • When are you available?
    You can view my availablilty on the "Pricing & Book Here Page"!
  • Do you travel?
    Yes I do travel, some destinations might require a fee. Please make sure to discuss with me before booking.
  • Can I have extra people in my shoot?
    Yes you can, some sessions include multiple people and some will require a fee of $15-$25 for each additional person. Fee varies depending the session.
  • Do you have props?
    Yes I have props in the studio but if you would like something specific feel free to bring it with you to the session.
  • Can my dog or cat take a picture with me?
    Yes for a fee of $10. Please make sure to let them go potty before bringing them into the studio. Accidents happen but let's start on an empty tank! =)
  • Can I have additional looks or locations?
    Yes, for a fee of $15.
  • Do you print the pictures?
    No, but you can order prints at an additional fee. Please let me know and I can walk you through the sizing to help you pick what is best for you. I will order the prints and have them mailed directly to your home.
  • Is there a fee for an additional outfit?
    Hello yes, it's usually $20-$25 depending on the shoot you are choosing.
  • How long does it take to edit the pictures?
    Most sessions take 1-2 weeks to edit depending on the session. Specialty/ wedding/ event & business sessions can take up to 3-4 weeks due to the volume of pictures. Rushed images are an extra fee of $25 Retouching does not start until your balance is paid. So if you wait 3 days to pay your invoice, your editing clock starts when you have paid the balance.
  • Are twins double the price?
    In some cases there is only a fee applied and in some you will need to book separately. For instance, if the children will be taking pictures together with the same theme, then there is only a fee applied to the original price. If the children are doing 2 different setups then there will need to be 2 sessions booked for each child/baby/teen In the case of adult twins taking pictures there is a $50 fee added on unless you are shooting 2 different looks. Which in that case, 2 sessions will need to be booked.
  • How will I get my pictures?
    Your images will come directly to your email that you booked with, or your phone number that you booked with. They will come in the form of a link. Please download all images, please do not screenshot them or they will be blurry. Once downloaded you may post or print them.
  • Where should I get them printed at? is convenient and really good. You can order online & pick up in store for very cheap. In store at the kiosk is not as good but if you send them to be printed behind the desk, the quality is great. My favorite is they are affordable and the quality is awesome. It's all done online and they ship to you.
  • Can I accompany my minor to the appointment?
    OF COURSE! I would never drop my children off to a stranger, so I would never expect you to either!
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